Wireless airpod pro cover – LAGUNA

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  • Designed for Airpods pro.
  • Made of silicone and rubber.
  • Silicone and rubber together ensure the flexibility of your accessory so that it can easily fit inside the cover.
  • Worried about your accessory falling down? Well even if it does, nothing will happen to it. Thanks to the rubber material used in this cover which will act as shock proof agent for your accessory.
  • Comes with a hook as shown in the image, so that you can carry it anywhere you want , wherever you go, whenever you want.
  • Use your accessory and protect it with style with LAGUNA .


You bought the latest accessory in the market, you’re having fun using it with the high quality bass and dancing to the music which only ,you can listen to. You decide to put it aside so that you can take a nap or sleep and enjoy it again the next morning but suddenly ,as you put the accessory aside, it falls down without you realising the damage it could have on such a small and an innovative product¬† and now, its covered with scratches and what else? It is broken too. Do we want that to happen? On the first day after spending so much money on such a cool and innovative product, the accessory is broken. We don’t want out members to face this problem. We at longshot ,won’t let that happen. Thats why we introduce to you, our latest airpod pro cover design which we call LAGUNA.¬† An accessory which is made, just for the purpose of protecting and shielding your airpods. Attractive, an eye catching and a never seen before colour. Silicone material which ensures protection of your accessory, even if it falls from over fifty feet. Our motto is, use your gadgets but protect them and too with creativity.


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