Wireless airpod cover- Luk-at-tu

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  • This airpod cover is Made of TPU And SILICONE
  • TPU ensures protection of your accessory and it makes the design shock proof thereby adding extra protection for your accessory.
  • Silicone makes this design flexible, thereby making it easy for you to slide down your accessory in the cover and removing it whenever you want with ease.
  • Comes with an additional hook, so that you can hook it up wherever you can and carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Luk-at-tu in the minion dictionary means “we love you”
  • Add creativity and increase protection with our “Luk-at-tu” airpod design.


Added on special demand and inspired by the movie “despicable me”, we sure don’t need to tell you who this fellow is. We can just tell you that this design is loved by many and specially asked for by many members of our tribe and from the outsiders as well. The built of this design is comprised more of TPU as compared to silicone, thereby increasing the protection of our cover as compared to our other designs in our collection. We love fulfilling the wishes of our members and this is one of them.


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