Pop up holder – Trigger

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  • 3mm Super glue which proves to provide extra strength to your accessory
  • The glue is washable, remove the pop up holder, wash the glue, clean it with a napkin or a cloth and stick it to the backside of your phone again. Its that easy
  • Can be expanded to 1.5 cms and 2cms depending on your preference and choice
  • Use it as a phone stand to watch movies, shows or any sports event of your choice with ease
  • Hold it between two fingers and record videos, take selfies, message with ease without the fear of your phone falling
  • Use two pop up holders instead of one to enhance your experience and to make your life more easy.


Adding another addition to our pop up holder “Blowing” This one is considered to be more attractive and eye catching and is full of more and lush colours as shown in the above picture. You use your phone 97% of the day, using this pop up holder will give you benefits not one, not two but at least eight and you’ll be shocked to know, how useful this accessory actually is. A simple circular popping accessory can become so useful for us, its just a matter of time till this is present behind all phones and tablets.


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