Globular phantom-45mm-aurous (Golden)

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  • A tool which is made to reduce stress, anxiety , regain focus and calm you down
  • Made for thinkers, creators ,innovators and people who strive to change the world
  • Just spin it once and it flow continuously for more than three minutes
  • Can be used as an office desk tool as well as a paper weight
  • Also available in black colour


Introducing the product of the future, Globular Phantom. Made of high grade aerospace aluminium alloy.This phantom is known as aurous and its size is 45mm and its colour is high grade gold. Originally, designed for the people who suffer from anxiety. A product which helps you to regain your focus and calm you down. A product which acts as a stress buster tool and helps you to conquer everything in your way.What is it? A simple high grade machine globe which creates an optical illusion once spun, something which your eyes have never experienced but once experienced, you can never get enough of it. A helix shaped groove milled alongside the whole surface. Equipped with a disk at the bottom. You just need to do one simple thing, put it on any hard surface, just spin it and get ready to be mesmerised and experience something never experienced before. You’ll be in a different world, we assure you.



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