AQUA – Waterproof Wireless Speaker

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  • Aqua is a water proof wireless speaker
  • It comes equipped with bluetooth 5.0 which means you can connect your phone faster as compared to previous bluetooth versions
  • Your phone can be connected with the bluetooth and can be in the wireless range of up t0 300 feet, thanks to bluetooth 5.0
  • 360 degree sound quality with superior bas
  • Water proof means that this speaker can be kept under water for 30 minutes.
  • The sound quality and bass won’t be affected because of water.
  • It will take 15 seconds for the sound quality and bass to turn back to normal after you have taken out the speaker out of water
  • You can continuously pour water on the speaker to test it, WE HAVE DONE THAT and we guarantee you, the music and bass quality will remain the same.
  • It comes with a small rope so that you can carry it with you whenever and wherever you want.
  • Comes with an aux wire and a micro usb charging cable.
  • Available in red and black colour
  • Perfect for fulfilling your music needs at your home, in college, in your dorm area, at a party, while showering, at a beach or swimming pool.
  • Get ready to experience music in a fun and innovative way/


Imagine using a speaker which not only offers you range up to 300 feet but, is also water proof. Not water resistant, water proof. What does that mean? Well, Imagine pouring water continuously over a speaker without its sound quality and bass being affected at all and what more? Imagine taking this speaker with you to the beach or a swimming pool and not worrying it might fall in the water because oh well, it can stay inside water for 30 minutes and there won’t be any damage to its sound quality including its 360 degree sound and superior bass. Having a party at your place and music is played on your phone but even if your phone is 300 feet away the music won’t stop and the party can never stop and you may ask why and how? You have the benefit of 5.0 Bluetooth which means you can enjoy music up to a range of 300 feet. Yes that’s 3 with two zeros.

This is AQUA speaker. Our latest addition in these our speaker section. Circular, easy to carry and offers 360 degree music with superior bass for up to 7-8 hours. AQUA is a water proof speaker. We have tested it under water for 30 minutes and also tested it by pouring water continuously on it and the sound quality and the high grade bass remains unaffected, thanks to it waterproof feature. Along with this outstanding feature AQUA comes equipped with bluetooth 5.0 which means that you will enjoy faster connectivity along with range up to 300 feet. TRIED AND TESTED. Your music needs will be taken care off while you’re at home, at your dorm, at a party or even at a beach or a swimming pool. What are you waiting for now? Get ready to turn up with AQUA, the waterproof wireless speaker with 5.0 bluetooth!


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