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How ARE THE BIGGEST TECH COMPANIES affected due to coronavirus and what are they DOING TO FIGHT it?

Coronavirus or as we call it COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm. There are tens of thousands of cases reported every single day globally and it doesn’t seem to stop easily. At least, till the time a vaccine is developed for it. The governments all over the world are imposing lockdowns in order […]

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Playstation 5 – everything we know about it till now

It took nearly six years for Sony to announce that Playstation five is coming. Playstation four was released on November 15th, 2013 and Sony announced that it is going to officially launch Playstation five in the holiday season of 2020 which, I am guessing is going to be around this years end. The specific date […]

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Innovation should be in our mind. It should be in our blood. Innovation, not only helps you to grow but, it also helps you experience something which your mind would have never thought before. Let us consider some examples now. Who imagined Nintendo Wii and Wii sports, released in 2006 would change the way video […]

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2019-nCov-Coronavirus – are we preparing for a global pandemic?

A pandemic is a worldwide spread of a particular disease. Our world has seen numerous amounts of pandemics throughout its history. The Plague of Justinian, saw 25 million deaths in the year 541-542 and it is believed that, half the population of Europe was affected by this. The black Death, which is also known as […]

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Samsungs new robot companion- meet ballie

We humans are a weird and funny race, we want everything quick and sometimes we want something before we even ask for it. Thats what The CEO of Samsung, Hyunsunk Kim believes. He states that human beings are entering a different “age of experience” and a different “AGE” means different experiences which we humans aren’t […]

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